Virtual CA

Turning your Team into Raving Fans!

Virtual CA

Turning your Team into Raving Fans!


For your business to grow, you need people, good people, with experience & knowledge! It can be hugely difficult to find those people and keep them engaged in their day to day activities, especially when change is afoot. 

It is thought that only 15% of employees globally are engaged (11% in the UK). Engage & Grow aim to improve this one company at a time through a number of short, sharp coaching programs designed to motivate the employees.

Through the Group Activation System built by Engage & Grow, Virtual CA Ltd will deliver a program, tailored specifically for your business with your KPI’s and current engagements levels in mind. 

The outcome? Highly engaged staff being ‘their best’ and bringing their best qualities to the table to help propel your business.

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Introduction from Employee Engagement Coach and Founder of Virtual CA, Claire Ellson.

Engage & Grow will refocus, reenergise and reengage the most important assets to your business – your people!

As mentioned above, according to Gallup daily tracking, only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged.

That leaves a huge number of employees 'disengaged' in the work place!

A disengaged employee has 'checked out', they are doing the bare minimum to achieve their daily tasks, probably making multiple mistakes along the way.

Engage & Grow exist to help companies reengage their employees. The mission is quite simply, to create a globally engaged workforce through support, honesty, respect, common sense and fun!

The results? People loving what they do!

Engaged Employee's in turn provide;

- A powerful and united culture

- Improved customer engagement

- Lower absenteeism 

- Dramatically increased profits and growth

- More time for business owners and managers

- Fewer human errors

- Significantly decreased employee turnover

- A fun and energised work environment.

The above is achieved by simple 'actioned based' programs (no pens and paper!!)  Each program is customised to suit the organisations needs.

To find out more about how Virtual CA, partnered with Engage & Grow can impact your business, contact us today

Who's behind Virtual CA...


Hi, I'm Claire ...

My background is within the IT and Events Industry; I have always held roles which are focused on Sales or Operations.

When I launched Virtual CA in August 2015, I wanted to assist SME’s not as a consultant (as no one knows your business better than you) but as a Business Buddy. Someone who could support the next big idea or question decisions which business owners typically have to tackle on their own.

Outside of Virtual CA I am a Mummy to my gorgeous daughter Charlotte & my hunk of a black lab Twickers, and wife to my fabulous sidekick, Seb! We love Rugby & walking: taking in the fresh air!

Please feel free to contact Virtual CA to discuss your business needs, request a quote or provide feedback!

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Hans Thorn of ICD Sofas


We have had a very good relationship with Claire. She is a very responsible and effective partner.

We highly recommend Claire as a partner for any business that may need assistance.

Tracey Tennison of Nexus Engage


The flexible service that Claire offers is perfect for us, allowing us to expand resource at busy times. 

Claire has managed some specific complex projects seamlessly, delivering supplier efficiency, budget management and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Anna Sedgbeer of Prontaprint Bishop's Stortford


I worked with Claire of Virtual CA over a 6 month period on an email and social media campaign to our client database.  

Claire’s industry knowledge, accurate advise and positive approach meant that we got the best results out of the project.  

Thank you Claire.

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